We help kids battle cancer with teamwork.

We all become a little stronger; work a little harder and find courage when we are surrounded by love and support.  The Kids Kickin’ Cancer Soccer Club is dedicated to providing a positive environment for kids battling childhood cancers. 

Our team has the bravest and strongest kids we have ever met and their support for each other is vital for maintaining their self-belief.  There is no higher honor for our Team than to know and be a part of the lives of our brave teammates!  

Our Mission

We’re an organization dedicated to providing a positive environment for kids battling cancer, while teaching them the value of a positive attitude, self-belief and the ability to encourage and be encouraged by other kids in the same situation.

Our Story

Our story is the story of a family that loves giving back.  The Kids Kickin Cancer Soccer Club was started as a family passion project in 2017 by Michelle and Chris Clothier.  Today, the club is fully funded financially by the Michelle and Chris Clothier Family Foundation and has applied for 501c3 status.  

The Clothier family is committed to modeling the 100% model they have learned from a phenomenal charitable organization, Charity: Water, where all of the overhead and operational funding is provided by dedicated supporters so that 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to the players in the KKC Soccer Club.

Our organization is dedicated to providing a positive environment for kids battling cancer. We are blessed to be able to meet and support such brave and strong kids. In a very short period of time, our lives have already been touched in ways that defy words.

Every child has a spot in our Soccer Club!

Why We Exist

Being part of a team and supporting other kids fighting the same fight is so important. We seek to foster an atmosphere of teaching kids the value of a positive attitude, self-belief and the ability to encourage and be encouraged by other kids.

We send each child a custom soccer kit with a bag, jersey, shorts, sweatpants, socks, hoodie, soccer slides, water bottle and ball. A note from Coach Chris and a book telling the story of our team is also included. 

As our Mission evolves and Story continues to be told, we plan to provide opportunities for the players themselves to interact at live soccer games and functions designed specifically for them and their parents.  

We will also encourage the players to send note cards to one another with encouraging messages and collect and trade soccer “club” patches.  

The Team itself will continue to foster meaningful relationship and check-in on the players to see how they are feeling and offer our love and support.

How It Works

If you would like a backpack full of great gear to uplift a child battling cancer or even in remission, you can request one here on our site.  Within 7 days, we have a backpack mailed to the child complete with their favorite number and nickname on the uniform. 

At no cost to you or the child, the Kids Kickin’ Cancer Soccer Club sends out a backpack and uniform kit to any child battling childhood cancer!

The Backpack, Uniform and Full Soccer Kit!

The whole package is designed for smiles and for comfort.  Kids are battling cancer all over the country and they are all wearing the same uniform!

  • Numbered Jersey
  • Comfortable Hoodie
  • Soccer Pants
  • Soccer Shorts
  • Athletic Socks
  • Soccer Sliders (Flip-flops)
  • Cool Hat
  • Water Bottle
  • Mini Soccer Ball
  • Letter from Coach Chris

Delivering The Box!

The delivery is the simplest part of the process.  Let us know the address and the Kids kickin’ Cancer coaching staff goes to work delivering the kit.

Each bag is delivered in a custom box – packed with love.  Through our friendship with the local UPS Store affiliate, Thurman, the boxes are handled with love and care and prepared for delivery as soon as possible. 

Together, the team works to have each box delivered within a few days of your request and customized to the player’s favorite number and nickname.

Order A Kids Kickin' Cancer Backpack And Soccer Kit

If you know a child battling cancer that would want to be a part of the Kids Kickin Cancer Soccer Club team, fill out the form below. 

Get Involved

Today, the Kids Kickin’ Cancer team is hard at work, but in the near future may need your help!  We are planning public events for the kids and their parents to be a able to interact.  

At the same time, our backpack is hand-packed with love and each box is carefully put together so the player has a wonderful experience when they open their new kit.  We will certainly need help with these projects in the future.

For now, the best way to get involved is to spread the word about the Kids Kickin’ Cancer Soccer club and our mission of providing comfort and belonging to each child battling childhood cancer.